Why we love Australian Cotton

We find out what makes Australian Cotton so great

  • 28/10/2016

You might have noticed that here at Rockmans, we’re a bit obsessed with cotton. After all, we’ve just launched our new basic tee range, with 100% Australian cotton. But what makes Australian cotton so special in particular? With the help of Cotton Australia, we did our research to find out what makes Australian cotton the perfect fabric for our new basic tee range.

Australian Cotton 101

- Australian cotton comes from the cotton plant, and is grown in central to southern NSW and Queensland. There are about 1,250 cotton farms in Australia. The big wide open spaces and healthy natural resources make these regions the perfect place to grow premium quality cotton.

 - Australian cotton is known for its high quality, including long staple length. Why is staple length so important? Because the longer the cotton fibres, the better suited they are to be spun and then woven into high quality fabrics.

 - Australian cotton is also known for being strong. In technical terms, it generally has a strength of 30GPT (which, for all us non-techies, means ‘gram per tex’) or higher. The higher the GPT, the denser and stronger the fibres. And strong cotton means a more durable, long-lasting product.

 - Our Australian farmers put everything they’ve got into producing sustainable cotton crops, year after year. They are using less water, fewer chemicals and less land to grow cotton, and work very hard to be gentle on the environment. 

 - You can feel good about wearing Australian cotton, because the cotton industry is a really important part of keeping our country great. The average Australian cotton farm is a family business and the cotton industry employs over 10,000 Australians in a non-drought year.  While we export most of our cotton; we grow enough to clothe over 500 million people.


Here are five things we love about Australian Cotton:

 - Cotton is a naturally breathable fibre, which means it feels beautiful against the skin. On those scorching Australian summer days, cotton helps keep the body cool.

 - Cotton is super soft and lightweight, so it feels luxurious and comfortable.

 - Cotton is a durable fibre, which means that your purchases become investment pieces – they’ll last longer, season on season.

 - Cotton can’t hold an electric charge – so it’s static free (perfect on those dry, hot summer days!)

 - Australian cotton is a natural fibre, grown in a sustainable way using less chemicals, less water and more consideration for the environment than ever before.

The new Rockmans 100% Australian Cotton basic tees are available in scoop neck, v-neck and in a variety of seasonal colours, classic tones and simple stripes for just $16.99.


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