Our trip to the cotton fields

Cottoning on to cotton...

  • 28/10/2016

The team at Rockmans were lucky enough to be flown to the cotton fields at Narrabri to learn all about the 100% Australian Cotton basic tees ahead of the launch of our new cotton tees. We asked our in-house photographer, Natalie Boog, to report back on her experience on the day and what she learned about cotton.

Says Natalie:

We flew out to Narrabri in rural north-west NSW in the wee hours of the morning. It was so lovely to leave the city behind us for the day. Narrabri is this fantastic, quintessential Australian farm town. Cotton is the main industry and most of the town is involved in cotton somehow.

You see the cotton as soon as you touch down in the plane. And when you drive out to the farms, you are surrounded by acres and acres of cotton. Little white fluff balls… For as far as you can see in every direction.


I had no idea that cotton grows like that; as little cotton wool buds that look like they have been popped on the end of a plant. It’s amazing to see it grow; I don’t think I ever realized where cotton really comes from and just how natural it is. Cotton Australia, our hosts for the day, actually gave us a few cotton plants to bring back to the office – they now sit on my desk and look beautiful

We headed straight out to the cotton fields. We walked the fields and listened to the story of how cotton is made, and watched the huge machines harvest the cotton one row at a time. You can see why Australia’s cotton is so highly sought-after around the world, because of the care and consideration that goes into the crop.


The people of Narrabri were wonderful. There is an amazing sense of community there. Even though there are so many farms, I didn’t get a sense of competition – everyone just helps each other out. The farmers really care about the environment; they care about the crops; they care about the community. And they are just so passionate about the cotton plant. They’ll take it home to their family and pop it in a vase. Even after spending all day with it, they never get sick of those pretty little white tufts.

Next, we visited the CSIRO, who talked us through the science behind cotton. Over the years, they’ve evolved the plant so that it takes less water and produces higher yields. We also learnt how vigilant we have to be about border controls, as introduced pests can be diabolical for the plants.

We came back to Sydney feeling so inspired. I was struck by how natural it all really was. We live in an age where it’s easy to become cynical – but at the end of the day, cotton really is just a white bud on the end of a plant. That’s why cotton feels so breathable and easy to wear – because it is so natural.

I’m so excited about the new Rockmans 100% Australian Cotton basic tees. The fabric feels just how it should – soft, breathable and comfortable.

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